About Our Club

Worcester Shotokan Karate Club (WSKC) located in Worcester (UK) is run on a ‘non profit’ basis. Affiliated to the International Japan Karate-Do Association (IJKA) we are dedicated to teaching the Japanese martial art of Shotokan karate.
All abilities, aged 12 and above, are welcome to join whether new to karate or returning after a break.
All classes are conducted in a safe and friendly environment by Sensei Steve Cameron, 4th Dan, IJKA, who holds DBS enhanced disclosure.

Classes are held every Monday and Thursday at the following venues and times:

Monday Thursday
Saint Martin’s Church Hall
Victoria Avenue (one way only)
Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Spetchley Road

To download maps and directions for the above venues, please click here.

Class Times

Class times are the same for both venues:

6:30pm ~ 7:30pm: Beginners and intermediates (to 6th Kyu ~ green belt) *
7:30pm ~ 8:30pm: Seniors (5th Kyu ~ purple belt and above) *

* Check out ‘Recent Posts’ for any changes to our regular class schedules.
Note: Senior karateka may attend both sessions (at no extra cost) to benefit from extra training.
However, instruction in the first class will always be focused towards our beginners and intermediates.

Class Costs

To cover the hire charges for our two dojos (places of training), modest training fees are charged at the rates shown below.

Category Per Class Per Month
Adult (16+) £5 £30
Junior (12 ~ 15) £4 £24
Students in higher education* £4 £24
  • FREE first class for beginners
  • No membership or joining fees
  • 25% discount for students in higher education*
  • 25% discount by paying monthly (8 classes). Payments become due on the 1st of each calendar month
  • Adults, juniors or students who are only able to train once each week will still be welcomed at WSKC. The pay per class fee will apply in this instance

* Just bring along your student card

For further information please use our Contact Us page or email us by clicking here.

Beginners Class Tonight

A Beginners’ Class is being held tonight at the Nunnery Wood Sports Complex from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm. This is a free taster session for all new starts and your chance to try karate in a safe and friendly club environment. So for anyone between the ages of 12 to 80 years old, please come along to start on the path to becoming a black belt martial artist.

With deepest condolences

Having heard the sad news via fellow karateka Kevin Bellwood and his father Ron Bellwood, we send our sincere condolences tonight to Sensei Pablo Martin 1st Dan, whose son Antonio has suddenly passed away. Antonio also practised Karate, training at Sensei Ron’s Blackpool & Wyre Karate Ryu and was 1st kyu Brown Belt before concentrating on opening a successful restaurant in Blackpool.

On behalf of WSKC we send our sincere condolences to Pablo, his wife Margaret and his family. Our thoughts are with you.all at this very sad time.

Antonio Martin with his dad

Antonio Martin with his dad during his training at Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu

Black Belt Grading Success

Congratulations to Frank Rhodes who on 8th May 2016 (VE Day) was graded by IJKA World Chief Instructor Sadashige Kato Shihan 9th Dan and awarded the rank of Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt).

Shodan Award

Sensei Steve Cameron 4th Dan IJKA (Left) presents Shodan certificate to Frank Rhodes 1st Dan IJKA (Right)

Frank Rhodes started his karate journey in 1993 under the tuition of Sensei Stevie McCahill at the Scottish Budokan Association in East Kilbride, Scotland, which was governed by the Scottish Karate Board under Chief Instructor Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda. Although Frank rapidly progressed to 1st Kyu, he was unsuccessful at his first Shodan grading in 1995. Nevertheless, he continued to train on and off for a number of years until the time constraints of starting his own business and subsequently moving to Worcester, England, forced a break from training.

However, still keen to train, a couple of years after settling in Worcester and then in his 50’s, Frank found Worcester Shotokan Karate Club.

Under the guidance of Sensei Steve Cameron, Frank developed a new enthusiasm for karate and became a regular member of the club. During this time, Frank overcame a knee injury and subsequent related operation plus shoulder injury problems.

Another gap in training, again due to the pressures of work, was followed by Frank retiring in 2013, which has since allowed him to train regularly again at the club as well as attend several Kato Shihan seminars held at IJKA Buckinghamshire’s Honbu Dojo.

Eight weeks prior to the 8th May 2016 seminar in Buckinghamshire, Sensei Cameron announced that Frank would be training for consideration of a Shodan grading at the seminar.

With support from fellow karateka and the expert guidance of Sensei Cameron, Frank was graded by IJKA Chief Instructor Sadashige Kato Shihan 9th Dan and awarded the rank of Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt).

At the age of 61 Frank is proof that age is no barrier and personifies the WSKC club motto “Mukin Shuri” ~ “The way to success has no shortcuts”.

The club congratulates Frank on his achievement and looks forward to his further progress in skill and character building in the future.

Brown Belt Grading Success

Congratulations to our student James Spry on attaining the grade of 2nd Kyu brown belt.who joined Worcester Shotokan Karate Club in January 2015 after relocating back to his native Worcestershire. He had studied Shotokan whilst at University in Leicester and at several other clubs in the UK while pursuing his career as an archaeologist.

2nd Kyu Grading Success

James Spry, 2nd Kyu (Left), Steve Cameron Sensei, 4th Dan IJKA (Right)

At the behest of Kato Shihan, James was graded for 2nd Kyu, IJKA by Cameron Sensei. James has personally commented that his karate has improved rapidly since joining the Worcester Shotokan Club .
Club. Sensei Steve Cameron 4th Dan IJKA looks forward to James’s further progress in the study of Shotokan karate and the club congratulates him on his success.