3 years on….

Maya has reminded us that it is exactly 3 years today since Super Saturday 23 March 2019 when Kato Shihan taught at the Worcester Honbu Dojo and held Dan gradings, with 4 Karateka enjoying grading success.
A remarkable seminar and attendance.
Karate is a lifelong pursuit, wise words and the 9th precept of Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan……..So respect history but look forward to the bright future on the mountain path as we enjoy the present.

Super Saturday 23 March 2019


About Our Club

Worcester Shotokan Karate Club (WSKC) located in Worcester (UK) is run on a ‘non profit’ basis. Affiliated to the International Japan Karate-Association United Kingdom (IJKA UK) we are dedicated to teaching the Japanese martial art of Shotokan karate.
IJKA UK is affiliated to IJKA International.
All abilities, aged 12 and above, are welcome to join whether you are a beginner or a karateka returning after a break.
All classes are conducted in a safe and friendly environment by Sensei Steve Cameron, 4th Dan, IJKA, who holds DBS enhanced disclosure.

Classes are held every Monday and Thursday at the following venues and times:

Monday Thursday
Saint Martin’s Church Hall
Victoria Avenue (one way only)
Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Spetchley Road

To download maps and directions for the above venues, please click here.

Class Times

Class times are the same for both venues:

6:30pm ~ 7:30pm » Beginners and intermediates (to 6th Kyu ~ green belt)
7:30pm ~ 8:30pm » Seniors (5th Kyu ~ purple belt and above)

Any changes to our regular class schedules will always be communicated in advance in  ‘Recent Posts’ .
Note: Senior karateka may attend both sessions (at no extra cost) to benefit from extra training.
However, instruction in the first class will always be focused towards our beginners and intermediates.

More class Information

Please visit the Classes page.

More club information

Our FAQ page provides detailed club information.
However, if there is further information you require, why not visit our dojo. You will find an open and friendly welcome awaits.
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We’re back……

The club is happy to announce that it has returned to the real dojo.

With our return, beginners are welcome once more (subject to requirements of Covid 19 restrictions).
Age 12+ only please.
We are respecting government guidelines on social distancing so we ask you to realise and respect that this will impact on student numbers allowed in our dojo at any one time.
The safety of our students is paramount.

We have put together all the information regarding how we are safely running our club in the new normal on a dedicated page Karate and Covid 19


Shōtsuki meinichi 祥月命日

Kato Shihan 22 July 1943 ~ 16 April 2020

Kato Shihan did not want anyone to mourn his passing but insisted we sing his favourite song whilst raising a glass:-

If I fall or if I perish
Don’t you dare to grieve for me
Drink that red wine to the bottom
Break them glasses to the ground
Heeey, loyal true my friends
All you sing this song
And remember me
If I fall or if I perish
Don’t you dare to call a priest
You shall come to where I’m lying
Dance a heavy dance for me.
Heeey, loyal true my friends
All you sing this song
And remember me
If I fall or if I perish
Memories shall be alive
Of my vivid life and wild heart
Of the track that’s left by me

One year on, raise a glass to the Absolute Genius and his legacy that will live on forever.

Tribute to a Karate Master

The latest Shotokan Karate Magazine features a Tribute to a Karate Master ~ Sadashige Kato 10th Dan IJKA.

Issue 147 March 2021 is now available to purchase from SKM. This is a magazine published quarterly in England.
Please visit the SKM Website for details of how to purchase.

A very apt quote from the Dalai Lama
“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality”.