About Our Club

Worcester Shotokan Karate Club (WSKC) located in Worcester (UK) is run on a ‘non profit’ basis. Affiliated to the International Japan Karate-Association – United Kingdom (IJKA UK) we are dedicated to teaching the Japanese martial art of Shotokan karate.
IJKA – UK is affiliated to IJKA International.
All abilities, aged 12 to 50+ are welcome to join whether you are a beginner or a karateka returning after a break.
All classes are conducted in a safe and friendly environment by Sensei Steve Cameron, 4th Dan, IJKA, who holds DBS enhanced disclosure.
All our instructors hold DBS enhanced disclosure.
Low Class fees make Shotokan Karate affordable and accessible to many.

Classes are held every Monday and Thursday at the venues and times shown below:

Platinum Hall
Church Road
Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Spetchley Road

More Information

Find WSKC ~ Download our useful pdf document for maps and information about how to find us.
Training Fees ~ Download our useful pdf document to find out about our modest fees.

Class Times and Structure

Classes are split each night and structured towards the karateka’s ability.

Platinum Hall
7:00pm ~ 8:00pm » Beginners and intermediates (to 6th Kyu ~ green belt)
8:00pm ~ 9:00pm » Seniors (5th Kyu ~ blue belt and above)

Nunnery Wood
6:30pm ~ 7:30pm » Beginners and intermediates (to 6th Kyu ~ green belt)
7:30pm ~ 8:30pm » Seniors (5th Kyu ~ blue belt and above)

Any changes to our regular class schedules will always be communicated to our members in advance.
Note: Senior karateka at the club may attend both sessions (at no extra cost) to benefit from extra training.
However, instruction in the first class will always be focused towards our beginners and intermediates.

More club information

Our FAQ page provides detailed club information.
However, if there is further information you require, the easiest way to find out more is to visit our dojo. You will find an open and friendly welcome always awaits.
You can also use our Contact Us page but we prefer meeting future members in person.

IJKA UK Winter seminar

The IJKA UK Winter Seminar took place at Worcester on 11th February 2023.

Keith Crighton Sensei 7th Dan IJKA took the seminar and his 50 years with Kato Shihan were evident in the quality of instruction given throughout the day.
Mind games with Kihon and Kumite routines were excellent, as was the focus on the ‘Shodan’ katas, Bassai Dai and Junro Shodan.

Congratulations to James Spry and Chris Adams of the Worcester Dojo for successfully reaching the first step, Shodan, on the day.

Kato Shihan’s spirit was with us in the dojo.

IJKA UK look forward to more seminars this year.


Some of the attendees at the seminar