All abilities, aged 12 to 50+ are welcome to join whether you are a beginner or a karateka returning after a break.
Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week and we encourage our karateka (students) to regularly attend both classes.
However, karateka who can only attend once each week will still be welcome at WSKC.

All classes are conducted in a safe and friendly environment by Sensei Steve Cameron, 4th Dan, IJKA, who holds DBS enhanced disclosure.
All our instructors hold DBS enhanced disclosure.
Low Class fees make Shotokan Karate affordable and accessible to many.

Class Venues
Class Times and Structure
Class Fees

Class Venues

Platinum Hall
Church Road
Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Spetchley Road

To download maps and directions for the above venues, please click here.

Class Times and Structure

Classes are split each night and structured towards the karateka’s ability.

Platinum Hall
7:00pm ~ 8:00pm » Beginners and intermediates (to 6th Kyu ~ green belt)
8:00pm ~ 9:00pm » Seniors (5th Kyu ~ blue belt and above)

Nunnery Wood
6:30pm ~ 7:30pm » Beginners and intermediates (to 6th Kyu ~ green belt)
7:30pm ~ 8:30pm » Seniors (5th Kyu ~ blue belt and above)

Any changes to our regular class schedules will always be communicated in advance in  ‘Recent Posts’ .
Note: Senior karateka may attend both sessions (at no extra cost) to benefit from extra training.
However, instruction in the first class will always be focused towards our beginners and intermediates.

  • We encourage our students to train twice each week to make the best progress with their karate.
  • Beginners will be taught the fundamental kihon techniques from their first lesson at the club.
  • Beginners having attained a degree of proficiency with kihon techniques, will be taught their first kata.
  • Beginners progression from first lesson to first kata will cover a timescale of around 7 ~ 8 weeks.
  • Beginners will advance from first principles in a steady progressive ‘step by step’ format ensuring students fully understand each technique with respect to body mechanics and application.

Put simply, body mechanics is how a human’s joints and muscles move and interact whilst performing a particular karate technique.

  • WSKC place maximum emphasis on ensuring correct natural movement of the body so as not to cause any damage to joints etc.
  • This is particularly important for the younger karateka whose bones are still in the soft growing / formation stages of development.
  • Natural movement allows a karateka to generate maximum power from their body.

Class Fees

Monthly fees are charged at the modest rates shown below.
Pay per class fees are for Adults, juniors or students in higher education who are only able to train once each week but will still be welcomed at WSKC

Category Per Month Per Class♦♦
Adult (16+) £40 £5
Junior (12 ~ 15) £30 £5
Family (Parent + 1 Child ~ age 12+)  £45 £6
Students in higher education♦♦ £30 £5
  • FREE first class for beginners
  • We encourage our students to train twice each week to make the best progress with their karate.
  • No membership or joining fees
  • Discount for students in higher education*
  • Monthly payments become due on the 1st of each calendar month

♦♦ Conditions apply ~ talk to Sensei
 Just bring along your student card