Elements of Karate

The Karateka (student) will learn by practising the 3 elements of Shotokan Karate ~

The basics and foundation of Shotokan karate comprising ~

  • Dachi ~ Stances
  • Uke-Waza ~ Blocking techniques
  • Tsuki-Waza ~ Punching techniques
  • Keri-Waza ~ Kicking techniques

All Kihon techniques will be taught in a structured ‘step by step’ manner.

The aerobics of Shotokan karate ~

  • Kata comprise kihon techniques put together in a set sequence to produce defence and counter attacks against imaginary opponents, requiring constant practise in order to remember and, perform each one with spirit, grace and power.
  • The practise of kata develops a key element of Shotokan karate, coordination.
  • There are 26 ‘Core Kata’ and as a karateka progresses in his or her training, they will be taught different kata that become more complex at each stage of learning.
  • Many Shotokan kata have some element of commonality, this may be movements from lower grade kata found in the more advanced kata, or the basic pattern of the kata either of which will aid the karateka’s learning process.

The sparring / fighting of Shotokan karate ~

  • The majority of beginner’s starting karate will have no sparring / fighting experience.

The art of kumite is taught in a progressive manner using the following three training routines ~

  • Gohon kumite ~ five step sparring.
  • Kihon ippon kumite ~ one attack basic sparring.
  • Jiyu ippon kumite ~ one attack semi-free style sparring.

The above three routines, 3 K’s, will build a karateka’s confidence and skills in attack, defence, distancing and awareness, which will then lead into~

  • Jiyu kumite (Free style sparring).