IJKA UK -~ New YearSeminar 2023
On 11th February Keith Crighton 7th Dan IJKA will be teaching at a seminar at the Worcester dojo.
Keith was a student of the late Kato Shihan 10th Dan for 50 years and took all his Dan gradings with Sensei.
All grades and all associations welcome.
Seminar Details

Past events….

Worcester Shotokan Karate Club (WSKC) hosted a seminar with Hanshi Sadashige Kato 9th Dan,  IJKA World Chief Instructor. on Saturday 23rd March 2019.
The seminar was held in the Dance Studio at Nunnery Wood Sports Complex, WSKC’s honbu dojo.

Fabulous instruction by Shihan Kato 9th Dan and demonstrations by Milena Galabova 5th Dan.

Well deserved congratulations go to Maya Garbett and Iben Tromholt (West Midlands Shotokan Karate Academy) who passed their Shodan (1st Dan) grading under Sensei Kato 9th Dan IJKA World Chief Instructor, during the seminar.
Bob Duarte regraded to Shodan (1st Dan) under Sensei Kato 9th Dan IJKA World Chief Instructor.

Photo above: Maya (left), Bob (centre) and Iben (right) receive Shodan certificates at WSKC.

Photo below: Kato Shihan 4th from left in middle row with seniors who attended the course. Cameron Sensei middle of front row.

Maya and Iben have been receiving invaluable extra tuition from Sensei Steve Cameron 4th Dan IJKA, Chief Instructor of Worcester Shotokan Karate Club, along with regular instruction from Sensei Kevin Belwood 3rd Dan IJKA, Chief Instructor of West Midlands Shotokan Karate Academy.



The IJKA World Championships 2017
took place in Cork, in Southern Ireland from 6th – 9th July 2017. Sensei Steve Cameron (1st on left) competed in the Grand Master (age 60+) Asai and Shotokan kata events and won the bronze medal for his performance of the Asai kata ‘Kashu‘ and was placed fourth in the Shotokan category.