Karate and Covid 19

This page was updated on 31 July 2020

Worcester Shotokan Karate Club is re-opening its real dojos on the following dates ~

St. Martin’s Church Hall
Monday 27 July 2020

Nunnery Wood Sports Complex ~ The Dance Studio
Thursday 6 August 2020

Gichin Funakoshi the founder of Shotokan wrote 20 precepts.
#16 When you step beyond your own gate you face a million enemies.
We now face one million and one enemies.
Covid 19 is the new one and an invisible enemy we must all be very respectful of.
A MAJOR benefit of karate training is the maintenance and improvement of one’s personal health and wellbeing, which can now be enjoyed again with the return to the dojo.

Responsible actions will ensure that the club plays its part in keeping St Martin’s Church Hall and Nunnery Wood Sports Complex safe venues for all users to enjoy their return to some normality.

Therefore in order to ensure the club can operate responsibly and safely during the current Covid 19 crisis, we ask our students to comply with the following important risk assessment at all times.

Please DO NOT attend any classes if unwell with any supposed symptoms of Covid 19. Please self-isolate in accordance with current government guidelines.

Changing into you Gi
Changing into your Gi at home and wearing your Gi to the dojo will be the preferred option.
@ St. Martin’s Church Hall
If required the kitchen adjacent to the dojo can be used for changing but will be on a one in one out basis to respect social distancing.
@ Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
The changing rooms and showers will be closed therefore please change into your Gi at home.

Dojo entry
@ St. Martin’s Church Hall
Please enter via the glass door that is accessed by walking down the steps by the side of the main building.
@ Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Entry to the Dance Studio dojo will be via the fire exit and NOT the Main entrance.
For new members the fire exit in the Dance Studio can be found by walking round the right hand front of the building towards the wall of glass windows that are visible as you approach the main reception.

Attendance record
A weekly attendance record will be kept to comply with the current Track and Trace government requirements.

Face masks
You must bring a face mask to the dojo.
Face masks can be worn whilst training in the dojo but are not compulsory.
Face Masks @ Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Face masks must be worn to use the toilets at Nunnery Wood Sports Complex, for your own safety and to be respectful to the safety of other users of the Sports Complex.
Please ensure you comply so that we can continue to enjoy the return to the Dance Studio dojo.

Hand sanitiser
@ St. Martin’s Church Hall
Sanitiser will be provided by the club. Please use on entry / exit to the dojo and before and after using the toilets.

@ Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Sanitiser will be provided by the club for use in the dojo.
There will also be hand sanatiser stations provided by Freedom Leisure within the sports complex including the Dance Studio Dojo

Social distancing
Please respect 2m social distancing at all times within the venue and Dojo.
@ St. Martin’s Church Hall
Please respect other users of the church hall.
@ Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Please respect other users of the sports complex.

Training will be Kihon and Kata only, partner work and Kumite will be off limits for obvious reasons.
We are not making Kiai in Kihon or Kata to avoid unnecessary expelling of breath and associated moisture particles.

@ St. Martin’s Church Hall
Toilets usage will be on a one in one out basis. There will be appropriate signage on the toilet doors as a reminder.
@ Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Please observe Freedom Leisure’s rules and guidelines.

Bare feet
Covid 19 transmission is via nose, eyes and mouth so the club does not see any risk in training in bare feet.

Karateka only in the dojo.
At the present time there cannot be any spectators in either of our dojos.
Please contact us in advance if that will be an issue for you.

Greetings in the dojo
Only one safe way, it’s Japanese, and we have all been doing it for years ~





Changes to the risk assessment
The cub reserves the right to make changes at any time should government guidelines or venue guidelines be revised.

Domo Arigato
Thanks for your assistance in making and keeping the dojo a safe environment so we may all continue to enjoy the return to some normality in these troubled times.
Stay safe, stay well and stay alert……practice karate.