Karate / Covid 19

This page was updated on 20 July 2022

Worcester Shotokan Karate Club dojos are open.

Gichin Funakoshi the founder of Shotokan wrote 20 precepts.
#16 When you step beyond your own gate you face a million enemies.
We now face one million and one enemies.
Covid 19 is the new one and an invisible enemy we must still all be very respectful of.
A MAJOR benefit of karate training is the maintenance and improvement of one’s personal health and wellbeing, which can now be enjoyed again with the return to the dojo.

Please DO NOT attend any classes if unwell with any supposed symptoms of Covid 19. Please self-isolate in accordance with current government guidelines.

Whilst most restrictions have now been removed by the Government, WSKC will continue to be careful.

We now welcome new members / beginners. Age 12+ only please.
No booking required – just turn up wearing loose fitting clothing in the first instance.

Dojo entry
On entry to our dojo’s your temperature will be taken. A good precaution to continue, although not conclusive.

@ The Platinum Hall
Please use the Hall’s main entrance to access the dojo.

@ Nunnery Wood Sports Complex
Please use the Sports Complex main entrance to access the Dance Studio dojo.

Face masks
There is currently no requirement to wear or bring face masks to the dojo.

Attendance record
A weekly attendance record will continue to be kept.

Changes to the risk assessment
The cub reserves the right to make changes at any time should government guidelines or venue guidelines be revised.

Domo Arigato
Thanks for your assistance in making and keeping the dojo a safe environment so we may all continue to enjoy the return to increasing normality.
Stay safe, stay well and stay alert……practice karate.