Kato Shihan visits Worcester

Worcester Shotokan Karate Club would like to thank Kato Shihan 9th Dan IJKA World Chief Instructor for a fabulous seminar held on Saturday 12th October at Nunnery Wood Sports Complex.

The club would like to thank all karateka that attended the seminar and enjoyed 4 hours of fabulous instruction with assistance from Milena Galabova 5th Dan and Paul Kotowski 6th Dan.

Congratulations to Frank Rhodes and Bob Duarte who were selected for Nidan gradings on the day and await the result from Kato Shihan.

The club looks forward to Kato Shihan’s next visit.




Shihan Kato 9th Dan in Worcester for IJKA Seminar

Worcester Shotokan Karate Club
are pleased to announce that they are hosting a seminar with Hanshi Sadashige Kato 9th Dan,  IJKA World Chief Instructor.

The seminar on Saturday 12th October 2019 at Nunnery Wood Sports Complex, Worcester, is open to all IJKA karateka and Shotokan karateka from other affiliations are also welcome.

PLEASE NOTE, we have places left and can accommodate some late registrations from anyone interested in attending the seminar.
Please use the club website contact page to register your intent as soon as possible.

For full information please click the link below ~


To attend the seminar, karateka must:

  • Hold a ticket to attend the seminar.
    Tickets will be sent by email reply to all advance registration requests.

Due to the capacity of the venue, admission on the day without a ticket will not be possible.

Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Please do not take Satnav directions to the seminar based on Facebook information as you will end up at the wrong dojo!!
Please use WR5 2NL for Satnav and you will find Nunnery Wood Sports Centre is well signposted as you get close.
There will also be ‘Karate This Way’ signage conveniently placed for additional help.


Grading Success

Congratulations to Chris Adams and Chris Shawcross on their recent grading success.
Chris Adams regraded to 1st Kyu with the IJKA and Chris Shawcross graded to 8th Kyu at examinations held at West Midlands Shotokan Karate Academy, which is run by Kevin Belwood 3rd Dan IJKA. Kevin’s father Ron Belwood 7th Dan IJKA was the grading examiner.

The club looks forward to their further progress on the mountain trail.


IJKA Instructors Course, Ozd, Hungary – July 2019

Cameron Sensei recently travelled to Ozd, Hungary to partake in the 2019 IJKA Instructors Course hosted by IJKA Hungary. Two days of intensive training in 30+ degree heat with fabulous coaching by Kato Shihan 9th Dan, IJKA World Chief Instructor.

Day one began with an impressive opening ceremony for the new dojo built in Ozd, Hungary featuring three floors comprising administration areas and three separate dojos. A very impressive building that we’d love to have in Worcester.

That course was followed by a two day training course for all grades supported by karateka from many countries including UK, Ireland, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Russia, Latvia, Germany, India and Bulgaria.

Oss Sensei, we look forward to the next one.

Training Schedule changes

Due to school exams our Thursday classes will move to St.Martins Church hall on the following dates ~

May 23rd and 30th

June 6th and 13th

Classes will run from 19:30 to 21:00 with mixed instruction for junior grades and senior grades for the first hour.

Our normal Thursday class schedules will resume on June 20th at Nunnery Wood Sports Centre.