Brown Belt Grading Success

Congratulations to our student James Spry on attaining the grade of 2nd Kyu brown belt.who joined Worcester Shotokan Karate Club in January 2015 after relocating back to his native Worcestershire. He had studied Shotokan whilst at University in Leicester and at several other clubs in the UK while pursuing his career as an archaeologist.

2nd Kyu Grading Success

James Spry, 2nd Kyu (Left), Steve Cameron Sensei, 4th Dan IJKA (Right)

At the behest of Kato Shihan, James was graded for 2nd Kyu, IJKA by Cameron Sensei. James has personally commented that his karate has improved rapidly since joining the Worcester Shotokan Club .
Club. Sensei Steve Cameron 4th Dan IJKA looks forward to James’s further progress in the study of Shotokan karate and the club congratulates him on his success.