WSKC Instructor

Sensei Steve Cameron started his training in 1981 with Ishinryu karate whilst living in Essex and, in 1989, when working away from home in Wiltshire joined a Shotokan karate club (SEKU) in order to continue his martial arts training.

Sensei Steve Cameron

Having later relocated to live in Worcestershire he joined the KUGB in 1990 training at Bromsgrove, Worcester and at various other KUGB clubs around the UK when working away from home.
In 1994 work took him to Johannesburg, South Africa where he joined JKA (South Africa), training at Springs, Transvaal.
He returned to England in late 1995 joining the IJKA and followed Kato Shihan attending as many of the IJKA seminars held throughout the year as possible for 25 years until the sad passing of Kato Shihan on 16th April 2020.
The IJKA journey continues and Steve looks forward to it’s new chapter after correct Japaneses respects have been paid to Kato Shihan.

The photo shows Steve in the unique stance, tsuru ashi dachi from the Shotokan kata ‘Gankaku’, taken at a spectacular location on Table mountain, 3500 feet above Cape Town, South Africa.
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Dan Grading History

  • 1995: Graded to Shodan (1st Dan) Shotokan by Malcolm Dorfman Sensei, JKA (South Africa) Chief Instructor.
  • 2002: Graded to Nidan (2nd Dan) Shotokan by Kato Shihan, IJKA Chief Instructor (Europe)
  • 2009: Graded to Sandan (3rd Dan) Shotokan by Kato Shihan, IJKA World Chief Instructor
  • 2015: Graded to Yondan (4th Dan) Shotokan by Kato Shihan, IJKA World Chief Instructor

Abbreviations ~
IJKA ~ International Japan Karate Association
JKA ~ Japan Karate Association
KUGB ~ Karate Union of Great Britain
SEKU ~ Southern England Karate Union