We welcome new students, aged 12 to 50+ at any time and also hold dedicated beginners classes at regular intervals throughout the year.
You will be given detailed and sympathetic instruction, carried out in a systematic manner with due regard to physical ability, placing maximum emphasis on your welfare to avoid injury.

  • Thinking about how to Kick start your fitness?
  • Do you want to increase your fitness, lose or control weight?
  • Do you want to live a long and healthy life?
  • Have you considered other fitness regimes, such as signing up for a gym membership?
    Fact: 84% of people who sign up for an annual gym membership fee in January only attend for several sessions before losing interest in a fitness regime.
    This is not cost effective.
  • Are you a student studying for a sports orientated degree at Worcester University looking for a complimentary activity?
  • Come and try a FREE taster karate lesson………it could change your life for the better, forever.
  • Beginners are being accepted at the club throughout the year.

New students wishing to learn karate do not need special clothing or equipment in the first instance ~ a tracksuit bottom and sweatshirt or similar loose clothing will be perfectly adequate. However, a Keikogi (Karate training suit) should be acquired after a student has completed several weeks of regular training.
We can assist our students in obtaining Keikogi at very reasonable prices.

Interested in finding out more? ~ Why not visit our Classes page.